Your Guide to Buying Engagement Rings Online

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Buying stuff online isn’t new. Brick and mortar stores are good, but when it comes to jewelry I often feel that I end up getting swayed by the salesman’s choices instead of focusing on what I really wanted to buy. When I shop online, I chat a few times with the online representatives, but that is only for help and not to end up getting sold to their beat piece. Shopping online seems to give me more options and I am able to explore the shop easily without being limited to the choices presented by the salesperson. It is very freeing and I find myself more responsible for the choices I make when I buy my jewelry online. If you are shopping for engagement rings online then keep these things in mind:

Take the time to understand current engagement ring trends

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What’s in style matters! Most women prefer engagement rings that resonate with the current trends. Straying too far from current trends may not be a good idea unless you are gifting your partner a vintage ring or a family heirloom. Search for the hottest trends and find out which trend does your partner like the most. If the proposal isn’t a surprise, then you can even plan to buy the ring together helping you gain more insight into her ring choices.

If you are buying diamonds then do your homework

Diamonds aren’t just about fashion. There is a lot of science in it and you will require adequate information to ensure that the diamonds you buy are worth the price. Start by understanding the 4Cs and then look for brands which provide certificates for your diamonds. GIA certificates are most popularly accepted and work as the best standard for measuring the quality of diamonds. When buying an engagement ring online, always look for one that comes with a GIA certificate.

Don’t just compare brands, compare quality

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I have heard a lot of talk about which brand would be best for buying jewelry. It isn’t the brand but the workmanship and the quality of the ring that should take more importance. Needless to say, high end brands will definitely offer high quality, but the good thing about buying jewelry online is that you can easily check and compare brands and pay less for good quality.

Look for brands who handle the stones themselves

Engagement rings with diamonds or precious stones should be bought with careful prudence. You must look for brands who handle the stones themselves and not just source them from various diamond cutting houses. Brands who personally inspect the diamonds will offer better quality than those that depend on other diamond cutting houses.

Your partner’s taste should never be lost in your search for the right ring

Very often, you end up so deep in the search for the right ring that you forget your partner’s taste and end up choosing something that is beautiful yet may not match her personal styles sensibilities. Since your partner is the one who will be wearing it all the time, make sure her taste and style is never disregarded.

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