Why Should You Buy GIA Certified Diamonds?

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Diamonds are precious. They are one of the most desired stones in the world. Every woman dreams of wearing a diamond ring. Big or small, the beauty of the diamond and its elegance makes it perfect for the creation of awe-inspiring jewelry. This is why diamonds are expensive.

So when you decide to own one, how do you make sure that the diamond you are investing in is worthy of the price you pay. How flawless is it? How well can it sparkle when compared to others? How clear is the diamond and how well has it been cut? These are things that you can really tell at one look. Your naked eye may not even be able to easily show imperfections in a diamond but these flaws can make a difference in its sparkle.

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This is where we depend on our jewelers to help us buy the best diamond according to our budget. But can we be sure that our jeweler will always show us the best and not try to sell us a diamond that may not be worth its price? This is why an independent, non-profit institute which is dedicated to research and education in the field of gemology steps in.

GIA, short for Gemology Institute of America was founded in 1931 and it aims at protecting the interests of buyers as well as sellers by defining specific standards which are used as a guideline to evaluate the quality of the stone. It has its own International Diamond Grading System which is followed by jewelers around the world. You may know this system as the Four Cs which are cut, clarity, color, and carat weight.

The organization is headquartered in California and operates in 13 countries around the world.
GIA certified experts test every diamond submitted to the GIA to authenticate the diamond and verify its quality. A complete report is submitted by GIA which includes the color, clarity, weight, measurements, and cutting style of the diamond. The report also informs of any known treatments that the diamond may have been exposed to.

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The certificate helps in clearly outlining the details of the diamond so that someone buying the diamond will be able to understand it easily and even use it to compare the certificate with the certificate for other diamonds and choose the most suitable one for themselves.

GIA follows the most stringent standards for validating the authenticity and quality of the diamond which is why it is considered to be the most preferable way of identifying a good quality diamond. The absence of a GIA certificate means that you will have to rely on the jeweler for their evaluation of the diamond.

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While jewelers may want to provide you with quality information, it cannot be regarded safe to depend on the jeweler’s estimation of the quality of the diamond because their tests and methods may be limited.
If you want to own a diamond that is of good quality and has not gone through treatments which may later wear away showing flaws in the diamond then it is best to buy GIA certified diamonds.

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