What’s Trending in Engagement Rings?

In addition to all the courage that you have to stir up to pop the question, there is the thing about the ring. Would your partner love the ring you’ve picked for them? Does it emanate her personal style sensibilities? Will it be able to create an emotional connection with her? Engagement rings matter. This is why we are going to take a look at ring trends that are currently fueling marriage propositions.

1. Creative Halos

Halos have a way of making the center stone stand out. They also serve well to create an illusion of a bigger center sparkler. At this time, jewelers and buyers are getting more creative with halos. While vintage designs remain evergreen, there is a newer take on halos with geometric designs. Bold personalities and people who like unique designs find creative halos to be a good choice for engagement rings.

marquise halo ring

2. Edwardian Designs

The Edwardian era saw rings that were created usually with diamonds and colored stones set in platinum. There is a lot of intricacy in rings of this period and it usually complements those who love delicate rings. If you were to set your eyes on a ring inspired by the Edwardian era, you will surely be charmed by its beauty.

vintage style diamond ring

3. Stacked Rings

There is so much about stacked rings that make them cool. You have the option to choose more than one metal for the ring, and include stones of different colors too. And most importantly, stacked rings allows people to easily change the design by wearing just one of the rings or mixing others in them.

stackable rings

4. Clusters

We are so done with single diamonds. People love stones that are clustered, cushioned or haloed. Clusters are good for women who can’t make their mind up about a particular stone. Mix more than one stones if you want to or simply create a cluster of the same stone. Boho brides are usually in love with rings of this design.

cluster diamond ring

5. Intertwined bands

Intertwined bands are symbolic of the love you share with each other. It beautifully showcases how two lives join as one. Depending on your choice of stones you can pick diamond studded bands that intertwine with each other or match an emerald band with a diamond band.

diamond halo ring

6. Colored Stones

The sparkle of a bright white diamond is amazing, but the splendor of colored stones cannot be undermined either. 2017 has seen the use of a number of colored stones in engagement rings. It could be a colored center stone or colored accents, both have been doing well. Rubies and opals seem to be a fascination this year for center stones but stones of other colors or colored diamonds are also getting a lot of attention.

colored stone engagement ring

Some of these trends have started this year while others were seen last year too. Engagement rings are one of the most popular discussions that people have when it comes to jewelry. So if you are planning to buy an engagement ring, you may find one of these styles to suit the personality and choice of your partner.

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