Usage of Jewellery and Maintenance

Things to Watch Out for Using Jewellery

jewelleryyThe use of gold, diamonds and silver jewellery are delicate and gentle products. Since gold and silver are soft metals, they can be processed and made into jewels.

So please be aware of the following aspects for jewellery using:

  • Any hard object will damage your jewel. So you do not use your jewellery while doing daily tasks.
  • The jewel should not touch water. The foil part used for glazing in diamond products gets water and is damaged even though the diamond is covered with gold. Foam that turns into a yellowish or brown color will cause the diamond to change its color. In such cases, the stone must be removed and the foyas should changed.
  • Do not forget to take your jewellery off at night.
  • Be sure to remove your jewel as you enter the sea or shower.
  • Do not squeeze perfume on your jewellery.
  • Protect your jewellery from direct sunlight.
  • Since your skin may be sweaty in summer, do not wear your jewellery for too long. Sweat is one of the greatest factors that darken our gold or silver jewellery.
  • When you are not using your jewellery, keep it in the jewellery box.
  • Wipe the jewel with a damp cotton cloth before you start using it again in the morning.
  • Do not put your jewels in a jewel box when it is mixed.
  • Like Pearl, Emerald should get air for not losing vitality.

Jewellery Care

The biggest enemies of your jewel are the elements like dust, oil and sulphur that cause oxidation. For this reason, your jewel will be dirty and need regular care during daily use. Jewels need constant care.

The stones on your jewellery need to be checked regularly (at least once a year) against the possibility of falling down. For such checks, please contact the jeweller for whom you have purchased your jewellery.

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