Top 10 Halo Rings That Are Trending

Halos are glamorous. They draw attention to the center stone, make the main stone look bigger and add oodles of charm to any ring. And when we are talking diamonds, halos amp up the classiness of the rings. Here’s a look at 10 halo ring styles that can glam up your fingers.

1. Embracing minimalism in style

oval diamond halo ring

Minimalists who want to keep things simple will prefer a plan band with a single halo that surrounds the center stone. With no distractions and added accents, the overall design exudes beauty in its simplicity.

2. Going overboard with the band

diamond carats on the hand

Take the halo up a notch with a band that is encrusted with smaller diamonds. It adds to the sparkle and makes the entire ring look elegant.

3. A single halo is just not enough


oval diamond ring

If you love halos and the manner in which they amplify the beauty and brilliance of your center stone, then maybe a single halo is not enough. With double halos gaining traction among women, you will love the way it can make your ring sparkle.

4. Making statement with bold bands

bold band diamond ring

A thick band can make the center stone look small, but when the band is crafted prudently to taper towards the stone then it can make a difference. Stylizing the band can also change the look of the ring. Bold bands help the entire ring get attention and not just the halo or the center stone.

5. What’s in the shape of a stone?

sapphire tria ring

Round cut diamonds will always have a better sparkle, but well-cut diamonds in other shapes make the ring look unique. There are lots of diamond shapes to try. Check our article on diamond shapes to find out what works best for you. Halos look beautiful around fancy shapes.

6. Split shanks bring more detail to the design of the band

split shank halo ring

If you are going to go for a bigger diamond or a larger halo setting then split shanks can spice up the design even more. Depending on the design of the ring, split shanks can have a traditional look or a modern style.

7. Pretty bezels for a stronger design

bezel diamond ring

Bezels can give your stones a platform on which they are displayed. They increase overall finger coverage and when creatively set, the stones can look beautiful with bezels.

8. A play of halos

round diamond halo ring

A halo doesn’t always have to perfectly surround the center stone. Designers are beginning to experiment with different halo designs that are more playful, eclectic and unconventional.


9. Side stones kissing the halo

side stoned halo ring

With past, present and future rings become more popular than ever before, side accents are gaining popularity too. Pick a ring that has side stones kissing the halo for the look of a bigger ring. This design works well for women with bigger knuckles.

10. Colored stones that add to the splendor

colored stone halo ring

Replacing the center stone with a colored stone is a timeless trend. Women love matching their rings with their personalities. If there is a stone that they favor then it almost always makes it way as the center stone in a ring.

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