Tips for Buying Emerald Cut Diamonds


In the 1500s, stone cutters found a way to cut emeralds that won’t make the stones easily susceptible to breakage. Emeralds being softer than diamonds couldn’t be cut easily in the round shape like round brilliant cut diamonds. The stepped facets inspired designer to use it in other stones making the cut popular by the stone it was first popularly used for.

emerald cut halo ring

Emerald cut diamonds are beautiful. They may not boast of the same brilliance as round cuts but they definitely promise uniqueness and are meant for women of substance. This shape is experiencing a comeback as confident brides make way for unique stone settings and uncommon diamond shapes. Only 3% of the diamonds in the world are shaped in this way. This makes them rare and exclusive. So here are a few things to know when picking an emerald cut diamond for your jewelry:

  1. Don’t Compare Them With Round Brilliants

If you have decided to buy an emerald cut diamond then it is best to compare the diamond you are picking with other emerald cut diamonds. It may not be at par with round cut diamonds when it comes to brilliancy. Round cut diamonds also tend to hide flaws more easily than emerald cuts so you must be mindful of that.

emerald cut diamond ring

Comparisons work best when you look at other emerald cut diamonds of different proportions. If you are investing in a ring then longer stones can make your finger look slimmer. It also makes for a bigger ring.

  1. Look For Stones With Fewer Flaws

The manner in which these diamonds are cut make it easier for you to notice flaws in the diamonds. They have a bigger table and fewer facets. Light reflects less and if the diamond has an imperfection then it is more clearly visible. Clarity grade is of high importance when you pick an emerald cut diamond.

  1. Color grades can vary according to your choice

Diamond grading labs find colorless diamonds to be of a higher grade, but when you are choosing a diamond for yourself, then it is best to pick a diamond of a color of your liking. The icy-white diamonds in the D, E and F color grades may not be preferred by everyone, in fact most jewelers find that customers tend to incline towards the warmer tones of G and H grade diamonds which are relatively less expensive too.

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  1. Polish and symmetry grades are important

Emerald cut diamonds are not assigned cut grades by the GIA or AGS. But these diamonds are assigned polish and symmetry grades which can make a difference. The higher these grades the better the sparkle of your diamond.

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  1. Length, Width and Depth

These diamonds are available in shapes that can vary from long rectangles to almost square-shaped looks. Ideal length and width ratios are between 1.45 and 1.55. The depth of the ratio determines the brilliance of the diamond. You must look for an emerald cut diamond with a depth percentage of 60% to 70%.

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