Tips for Buying a Cushion Cut Diamond

cushion cut halo ring

In the eighteenth century, when cushion cut was first discovered, diamonds had a different kind of allure. Back then, the bright flashes of white lights weren’t available to enhance the sparkle of a stone. With electricity yet to be invented, people relied more on candlelight and oil lamps for checking the precision and brilliance of a stone. This is the time when diamonds were cut to look beautiful in the soft light of candles and oil lamps and sparkle in the sun. Antique cushion cut diamonds feature tall crowns, deep pavilions, and wide facets which were appropriate for ensuring the right brilliance for the diamond in those times.

As time advanced, diamond cutters learned about precision tools and electricity lit up our homes sabotaging the popularity of the beautiful cushion cut diamonds, which ended up getting replaced by the round brilliant cut diamonds. Cushion cut diamonds gradually faded in their charm until recent years when their beauty caught the eye of jewelers and jewelry lovers once again. Cushion cut diamonds today are garnering more attention as fancy diamonds become popular and the cut allows modern and antique settings making them perfect for ensuring variety when it comes to choice.

fancy color cushion cut ring

Your taste plays the biggest role in deciding whether a cushion cut diamond is ideal for you or not. If you happen to find cushion cut diamonds to be appealing then you must consider the following factors and decide on the right piece of jewelry that uses a cushion cut diamond:

1. Cut

GIA consider this diamond cut to be a fancy shape and does not assign any specific grade to the cut. So jewelers are required to assess the quality of the cut by calculating the length, width and depth of the diamond. A good cushion cut should be of the length to width ratio of 1:1 which gives it a square look or 1:1.2 for a slightly elongated look. If you are looking for a bigger stone then elongated cushion cuts can serve the illusion by making the ring look big on your finger.

2. Color 

It is best to choose a color grade H or better cushion cut diamond. If the cut of the diamond is a cushion brilliant style then you can pick a J grade diamond because the brilliance of the diamond will easily hide the imperfections of the color.

cushion cut ring

3. Clarity 

Most cushion cut diamonds have a large open table. So it is best to stick to diamonds that are clear. Those marked low on clarity may show flaws.

Whether you are looking for a vintage style ring or a modern design, cushion cuts adapt to different styles easily and can give you a unique ring to cherish. They look beautiful with halos, but solitaires can work their charm on you too.
Cushion cut diamonds tend to retain color very well so you may also find colored diamonds cut in this shape. If you like the vibrancy of colored diamonds than this shape is well-suited.

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