The Significance of Past, Present, Future Rings

The famous past, present, and future rings also go by the name “three stone rings”. These are the most popular choices of rings when it comes to engagement ring assortments. In addition to their high aesthetic appeal, the three stone rings are also rich with significance and symbolism.

diamond tria ring

As the name of these engagement rings imply, the three stone rings boast a central gem that is accented by two diamonds or other colorful gemstones on either side of it. These type of special rings hold a special importance especially when these are meant for engagement purposes. Each of the stones in the three stone ring convey a special message or significance.

Symbolism of the Three Stone Rings

diamond past present future ring

The past, present, and future three stone rings usually depict a story. All of the three major stones that are featured on such engagement rings symbolize the past, present, and future times of the couple. While every engagement ring might come with its own set of special importance, this beautiful display makes the past, present, and future rings even more romantically special. While proposing with a three stone ring, an individual along with his partner is able to reflect the kind of special love & bonding they have shared in the past, the love they are sharing now, and the unique form of love they will be sharing in the future times.
The stone which is used to represent the present tends to be usually the biggest. Thus, it is placed at the central position of all the three stone engagement ring. Similarly, the smaller diamond stones representing the past & the future moments surround the central present stone with utmost intricacy and beauty.
Going by an alternative theory, all of the three individual stones in the three stone ring can also be used for symbolizing love, friendship, and fidelity. The three stone rings also go by the famous names like trinity or trilogy rings. If you are a couple to be engaged recently, then you might consider strengthening your bond with these special three stone rings.

Different Designs of Three Stone Rings

diamond tria ring yellow gold

The three stone rings are available in a myriad of designs and styles. You can choose from equally sized diamonds to traditional graduation, & even slightly graduated. In a three stone ring, when all of the diamond stones are sized equally, then each of the 3 diamonds comprises of the equal carat weight. Traditional graduating 3 stone diamond rings usually have the weight of the central diamond equal to the overall weights of the two other diamonds in the ring.
If your significant other is looking forward to make it the most special occasion of your life, then you can go for buying a special three stone diamond ring for her. You can surprise her in the best possible manner by adorning her fingers with the most exquisite three stone diamond ring on the eve of your engagement. Symbolize your love for her in the most special manner with a beautiful three stone diamond ring!


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