The Culture of Wearing Diamond

Lovers of expensive jewelry offers an array of exquisite compositions with diamonds. To this stone subtly highlighted the beauty and individuality, choose the decoration right. First, the diamond should be combined with appearance, you should emphasize your uniqueness and not be the “screaming” part of the costume, and especially not to get lost on the background of other accessories. Secondly, the decoration should match your age, status, purpose, events and even time of day. Thirdly, keep a sense of proportion.

About the main principles of wearing diamonds, we’ll talk in the article.

Feature different types of decorations

Due to its blinging, diamond inspires jewelers to more interesting and intricate compositions. Each one is only a special costume, hairstyle and even certain facial features.

As a rule, the traditions of etiquette ring or a diamond ring worn on the fourth finger of the right or left hand. The ring itself should be thin, neat, to highlight the Shine of expensive stone. In this case, the stone should be not more than two carats.

Too big, heavy stone or massive composition with multiple diamonds and intricate patterns require special attention. Place them on the index finger — and they will sparkle all the facets. In any case, you need to take into account that it is unacceptable to put on one hand (especially one’s finger) a few rings, even if one of them is engagement. This is absolutely unique, touching an ornament, and it deserves respect and special attention.

Choosing diamond earrings, you should know that this decoration can hide the flaws and emphasize the particular attractiveness and grace of women. For example, if you are the owner of a slim neck, and wear long pendant earrings containing a small neat stones. Combined with the hair smooth laid back hair ornament will sparkle in a special paint.

And on the contrary, visually lengthen the neck can be absolutely different type of the diamond composition. This can be a very large product in the form of rings, massive buttons and rounded jewelry. Their Shine will accentuate the voluminous, luxuriant hair.

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