The Choice of Gemstone for Blood Group

Famous naturopath James Adamo, gained popularity in the field of dietetics, showed a trend to influence a specific color background on the human body depending on the blood group.

If You want a particular mineral was not only a great addition to Your style, but also helped with their energy, it is necessary to pay attention to this method. This is a new and very interesting trend in the world of stones which their attention has quickly gained a reputation among the other methods of selection of minerals.

The first group of blood

It is believed that the first blood group has the most ancient origin, and all other groups are as would be derived from it. The main features of these people – activity, self-sufficiency, will power, desire to lead, desire for superiority and control.

For people who have the first group of blood, good impact minerals, has a warm spectrum of the color wheel. There are shades extending from yellow-orange to red and purple tones. Such stones are pink pearls, tourmaline, garnet, rhodonite, coral and ruby.

The second group of blood

When choosing jewelry with natural gems, the people with the second group of blood should pay attention to the ones that their energy have a beneficial effect on the improvement of living processes and the development of mental activity. Because “farmers” by their very nature have a sensitive nervous system and a bit of inertia.

Activation of life processes and activities of the mind, people with the second blood group recommend collaboration with stones of blue and green colors. This group of minerals are lapis lazuli, jade, emerald, sapphire, serpent’s eye, onyx, turquoise, Jasper, opal, or Topaz.

The third group of blood

Representatives of the third group of blood are different recommendations when choosing jewelry with minerals:

  • To develop and maintain the desired level of physiological and mental processes – the stones are red and orange shades;
  • to harmonize the nervous system – minerals, green and blue colors;
  • to soothe, improve the mood and to activate thinking and positive memories purple gems.

The fourth group of blood

The representatives of the fourth group of blood is endowed with such qualities as openness, creativity, mystery and dreaminess. Sometimes this type is called “mystery”.

As for the decorations with the minerals, the recommendations are the same as the second group of blood. That is, the ideal for them are the stones blue and green shades.

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