The 2018 Engagement Ring Trends


Engagement rings are meant to last longer than the year in which they were worn, but more importantly, they should be able to serve as a subtle reminder of the time when the proposal was made. When your engagement ring mimics the trend of the period when you got engaged, you will be able to easily look back at how fashion was back in time when you got engaged and reminisce those moments when the question was popped. This is why we have put together the most trending styles of this season that are likely to continue in 2018:

  1. Rose golds

Rose gold gives gold a softer and more graceful tone. It looks beautiful with elaborate diamond settings. Even simple rose gold engagement rings tend to stand out. The rosy shade of the metal flatters every finger and adds exquisiteness to the design of the ring. This is one trend that may stay longer than we think simply because of its feminine color.

rose gold solitaire ring


  1. Mix metals

Single colored rings are cliché, mix metals are the hottest thing and they are making things more interesting with their impressive designs. The mix of metals is more popular in halos where the center stone may be set in one metal and the rest of the ring in another. Mix metals are also making an appearance in the prongs used to hold the center diamond. With the prongs being of one color and the rest of the ring in another color. Needless to say, women who love a splash of color are unable to withhold their love for mix metals.

mix metal engagement ring

  1. Colored center stones

Since colors are in discussion, another trend that is gaining a lot of attention is colored center stones. Whether it is a colored diamond or a colored gemstones, women are loving the beauty of colors in their rings. Some of the colored stones when designed with a halo may also give the ring a vintage inspired look. Everything from sapphires to colored diamonds are making way for brighter, more vibrant engagement rings.

colored center stone engagement ring

  1. Intricate Side Designs

Elaborate side views make rings a lot more beautiful. Shanks covered in diamonds to twisted designs and scrollwork designs are becoming more prominent this season and will be totally loved by anyone whom you are promising eternal love. They look very feminine, give a more playful look to the ring and add to the uniqueness of the design.

intricate side engagement ring

  1. Stackable bands

We are too besotted with stackable ring designs and they are definitely going to become more noticeable in engagement rings of 2018. You can customize the stackable rings according to your mood for the day. Wear them alone for a simple look or wear them together to make a statement. The possibilities with stackable rings make them so much more amazing. They also make it easy for you to stack a wedding band with the engagement ring for an impressive look.

stacked engagement ring

These five engagement ring trends are definitely going to be seen in more finger s in 2018. Each one of them have the ability to make the ring look unique and make the entire moment of saying “yes” more beautiful.



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