By choosing the correct jewelry, you can balance your expression and make sure your face shape is perceived as you like. First of all you have to understand and find out whether you have a round, oval, heart or square face shape. You can use a mirror for understanding shape of your face. You have to draw a big oval on mirror and see if your face is out of this oval or not. If it has been overflowed, you have a round face, if it fits into the oval; it means that you have a oval face. Only if your chin is out of the oval you have the heart face. If the corners are out, it means you have square face structure.

If you have an oval face, it means you are very lucky, because all kinds of earrings and necklaces will suit you. Heart-cut stones, flower-shaped designs, round-shaped earrings will be ideal for you. In choosing a necklace, it is the right choice to use small shaky designs and they should not be too long.

If you have a round face, never choose a circular earring. Designs with balls in it will not be right for you. The best design for you is drop or marquise cuts. Thin and elongated designs will also balance the face shape. For necklaces, long designs will be suitable. Particularly, necklaces designs with a single shank from the neck to the chest are very suitable for round face construction.


If you have a square face, then you have a masked image. To soften this image and make it more feminine, it is appropriate to use floral, interwoven circle. If you have a heart-shaped face structure, it is necessary to soften this image as long as the chin is long. Design of drop cutting earring is right for your face. For the neck, it is absolutely necessary to prefer thick necklaces.

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