Is my diamond beginning to lose its sparkle?


With all the money you spend on your diamonds, you don’t want them to look any less brilliant than the time when you first saw it. The good thing about these hardy pieces of rock is that they can take a lot of abuse but they may not be able to shine as brightly as they did at the jeweler’s when you bought it. But does it really mean that once gone, you couldn’t get back that sparkle? How can we avoid our diamonds from losing their sparkle in the first place? How to clean jewelry at home?

pear cut diamond

The truth is that diamonds don’t really lose their sparkle. The dull appearance of your stone is just dirt. You are not the only one attracted to your diamonds. Dirt and grit love these sparklers too. Even your finger prints can leave a mark on your diamond and reduce its brilliance. Everything from the lotions you slather on to your skin to the cooking ingredients of your dinner make their way to your ornaments. Since we use our hands the most, rings are easily affected. Earrings and pendants are mostly victims of soaps and perspiration. All these things stick too easily to the diamonds and work as a catalyst for reducing its luster.


Sometimes, the accumulation of dirt is so gradual that the wearer doesn’t realize it till the time the diamond is absolute filthy. It is easier to notice the difference when it is placed in front of a new piece of diamond jewelry. That is when most people end up realizing that they must get their ring or earring or pendant cleaned.

There are lots of jewelry cleaning solutions available in the market and all of them work equally well. They usually come with a brush and it is absolutely important for you to use that brush. You will notice that most of the cloudiness of the ring comes because of the dirt that is caught between the prongs of the metal in which the diamond has been fitted. The brush comes handy for cleaning the dirt from these areas and the back of the ornament where dirt tends to take up home.

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If the diamond is being cleaned after a very long time or if it is really dirty then you may want to let it soak in the jewelry cleaning solution for a while before you begin cleaning it with the brush.
Once your piece of diamond jewelry has been properly cleaned up, you will notice that its sparkle has returned and it shines as brightly as it did the first time you wore it. So your diamond doesn’t really lose its sparkle, it just ends up getting dirty in the daily chores that you perform wearing your diamond. If you don’t want to clean it yourself, then take it to a jeweler who will be able to clean it for you.

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We always ask our customers to keep their jewelry clean, but that may be because we want the diamonds to look absolutely stunning when someone asks where they purchased the diamonds from.

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