How to understand real diamond?

How to understand real diamond?

Diamond Selection Tips

It is unavoidable that imitations of everything that is valuable are increasing as soon as possible. Especially today’s advancing technology and new possibilities make imitation products almost as real as the original ones. Fake products that are becoming widespread in the jewellery industry and they can be imitated in diamonds which are very valued. However, it is possible to overcome this problem by paying attention of some important tricks of the diamonds so everyone can easily try the tiny that tests.

Here are a few suggestions that can help to distinguish real diamonds from fake diamonds:

Brightness Test

Diamond is a stone with unique brilliance. The stone cut, cut rates and facets are designed to provide this unique shine. For this reason, the first thing to look at is the brilliance of the diamond. This sparkle of diamonds with a high fracture rate, bending the light through it, is a feature that cannot be seen in artificial stones. For this reason, artificial diamonds do not have as much glitter as real diamonds.

Transparency Test

A real diamond is not transparent. For example, when placed on a newspaper, the words appear foggy. This view makes it easy to distinguish it from artificial diamonds. However, there are some exceptions to this test. Some diamonds may allow reading words on a newspaper because they were cutted shallow. This detail should not be forgotten.

Reflection Test

The reflection of diamonds is in gray shades. If there is a very colorful image, it is either fake or a low quality diamond. In addition, true diamonds reflect from all sides unlike imitation diamond.

Water Test

When they put into the water, the remaining diamonds on the surface are not real one. When real diamonds are put into the water, they sink.

Mist Test

When you blow in the diamond, the mist on the diamond should be deleted automatically in a short time. If the mist stays for more than 4 seconds, the diamond may be imitation.

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