How to Care for Jewelry with Swarovski Crystals?

All the decorations require careful care. From time to time they must be clean of dirt and various traces of use. Jewelry with Swarovski crystals is not exception.

Swarovski crystals is an unusual costume jewelry. They are made from the purest and super transparent rock crystal, and perfectly imitate diamonds. Sometimes, a necklace with Swarovski can be distinguished from a diamond necklace only with the help of special equipment. Also, under the crystal brand produced synthetic stones (rhinestones) that are of the highest quality, style and the maximum intensity of the Shine. Each Swarovski crystal is faceted by hand!

Rules that it is imperative to be:

  • Jewelry with Swarovski crystals should be stored separately from other jewelry to avoid scratch.
  • Where would you store Swarovski, it is very important that they were wrapped in a soft cloth.
  • Sunlight needs to get to jewelry only when you wear them. The rest of the time the crystals have to be in a dark, dry place.
  • Keep your jewelry from contact with cosmetics, household chemicals (especially harmful chlorine-containing compounds).
  • Don’t wear jewelry with Swarovski to the gym – even the most simple and soft to avoid chafing.
  • Do not suppose blows crystals on solid objects.
  • Jewelry with Swarovski can not drop! The crystals can crack and fall out of frame.
  • Mandatory remove jewelry before showering, sauna and other water activities.
  • Always remove jewelry before going to sleep.

Crystal Swarovski stones can be cleaned at home. For this you will need soft cloth lint-free or paper for cleaning crystal, as well as very soft small brush and mild soap solution to crystal. Some clean their jewelry with Swarovski ordinary soap and the usual toothbrush, saying that it’s not dangerous, and stones after the procedure Shine like new! Here everyone chooses his own way.

We do not recommend you do lightly and risk valuable jewelry. The soap today can contain anything. Some alkaline compounds are very aggressive. And bristles some toothbrushes is particularly rigidity – can be microcurrency that will lead to the fading of the stones. It is prohibited to use the wipers and other household chemicals!

You need to clean them lightly, without strong pressure. Then product should be quickly rinsed under running warm water and dry on a towel.

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