How To Care For Gold Jewelry?

gold jewelry careGold is a noble metal that is highly resistant to various chemical influences; but it is too soft for jewelry. Much more them suitable for various alloys. Over time, gold jewelry lose their luster, darkening — because other metals change their properties when in contact with cosmetics, salt water, and then, household cleaning products.

First and foremost, do not wear gold jewelry constantly, especially overnight. You should not touch to gold with water. For this reason you should not wear jewelry to the gym or during any other training: can cause harm as sudden movements and sweat. Some threats for gold jewelry: beauty products (particularly whitening), household chemicals (more than other detergents, compounds with chlorine and active oxygen), iodine.

Gold should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Storing multiple decorations in one box may lead to scratches and if they are of different metals, and gold will darken faster than normal.

Cleaning the gold at home

To clean gold should at least 2 times a year. While traditional methods of cleaning gold should be used with great caution, particularly if the product is decorated with precious stones. Most of the pollution, in this case, accumulates just underneath them, but too much effort and dubious compounds may damage the stones.

It is best to use special cleaning paste and avoid when cleaning sharp hard objects. From folk remedies the most popular are soda, tooth powder, a solution of ammonia and soap. You can also Polish the gold with a soft felt or woolen cloth and paste Goya.

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