How To Care For Diamond Jewelry?

diamon jewelry careAs a long time diamond jewelry is able to maintain the attractiveness and showy appearance. Of course this effect up to a large extent is dependent on regular and correct care.

There are a number of rules of care for diamonds

It is well known that diamond is the hardest stone. But as a result of processing, cutting, where the diamond takes on a clarity and luster, it becomes quite fragile. So diamonds it is undesirable to expose the bumps – they can crack.

Recommended twice a year to clean diamond jewelry in the ultrasonic bath which is a service provided in many jewelry shops. This procedure effectively removes dirt and fatty plaque from the surface of the product and stone, but also removes germs. During a visit to the jeweler it would be right to ask him to test the reliability of setting of stones in jewelry.

Diamond jewelry also need to clean and wash regularly. For this approach you can use the warm soap solution prepared from shampoo, soap (not household) or dishwashing detergent (“FAE”, for example). Products need to leave in soapy water, then clean old toothbrush or a soft cloth. After that diamond jewelry should be thoroughly washed in clean cold water.

Vodka, alcohol solution and ammonia are also suitable for cleaning diamond jewelry. It is enough to put the diamond for 20-30 minutes, then remove the dirt using an old toothbrush or cotton wound on a toothpick – this design will allow you to clean hard to reach areas of the product.

Do not clean diamonds and products with them substances with abrasive particles, any chemicals and soap that contains lye.

Diamonds are fit velvet boxes, bags or closing boxes, the dimensions of which correspond to the number of stored products. Jewelrys should not scratch each other. Avoid storing diamonds in bathroom, high humidity will not benefit them.

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