Flowers in Jewelry

Jewelry is the final touch in the form of a woman. Not only are they a beautiful addition framed person, but often a symbol that can tell about its owner. Each lady chooses a decoration, listening to her heart, and sometimes the intuitive meaning inherent in its symbolism, reflects the desires, goals and hopes that a person lives. Decorating with flowers carry a deep and hidden meaning, having powerful layer of in stories and legends.

Flower is known long sign, reflecting the meaning of life. Due to the shape of the leaves that create the form and image of a star, it is often referred to as Sun symbols, the circle or center. For example, in South East Asia in special honor decorations, which contain elements of Lotus flowers and display life cycle. Shamans have a special relationship to flowers, as they serve as the point of transition to the other world, since many of them have substances that change consciousness.

In Ancient World the flowers were considered harbingers of spring. They symbolize vitality, joy of life, the end of winter and victory over death. In Christianity, the flower with open slips up constitutes acceptance of the divine gift. Its flowering they reveal the beauty of heavenly spaces, eye-catching and reminds people about the meaning of life. But at the same time, they reflect the cyclical nature of life: spring – germinating, summer blossom, autumn is fading and winter is dying. And no wonder there is a custom to plant flowers on the graves, expressing such a deep ritual meaning of death.

  • The white color reflects purity and innocence, at the same time reminiscent of death;
  • red, being the color of blood, carries the symbol of life;
  • blue corresponds to the mystery, devotion, and inner drive;
  • yellow — symbolizing the Sun, the heat.

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