Diamonds – Does Bigger Mean Better?

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From the nine-fiver who works overtime to earn a little extra cash to buy that perfect sparkler for his love to the business tycoon who promises his love with a huge rock that no one can take their eyes off, everyone has at least this one question in their mind before they decide to buy a diamond – how big is big enough? But does the size of the diamond really vouch for its quality? Let us clear up a few things about diamonds so that the next time you step into a store, there will be more than just size that you will be interested in.

Did you know about the four Cs in the diamond industry?


This is where we get most hung up on. The carat weight of a diamond explains how big the diamond is. For most part of it, you may not have worried beyond the carat weight when you saw a friend flaunting a big diamond. But sometimes, a bigger diamond may be less expensive than a smaller one. This is where the other three Cs come in. Read on.


The cut of a diamond helps the stone enhance its fire and brilliance. Well-cut diamonds will usually have a steeper price and seeing one you will know why. They will sparkle more and catch your eye more than a poorly cut bigger diamond. If you had to choose between a bigger diamond and a better cut diamond, we’d suggest the latter because it will have a better radiance.

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There are D-grade diamonds which are the brightest, there are the Z grade diamonds which are the palest – usually yellow or brown, and then there are those in between. Usually, you will end up buying a diamond between F and J. Whiter diamonds are much more impressive and so, more expensive. Color grades are not easily noticed by the average naked eye. So you can buy a bigger diamond with lesser brightness, but avoid leaning towards lower color grades which may make for less impressive ornaments.

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The clarity of a diamond is determined by the blemishes it has on its surface and the number of internal inclusions on it. When a diamond is well-cut, such blemishes may not be easily visible. So if you are trying to buy a good diamond without hurting your wallet then look for a diamond that is well cut, and has good color.

Now you know!


The personality of the person who will be wearing the diamond plays a big role in deciding how big a diamond will be good for them. Some prefer to make a statement while others like to keep it simple. The diamond industry has been very creative over the years in introducing designs that suit different personalities. If you want to go for a bigger diamond but want it to be less expensive then choose a diamond that is flanked with smaller less expensive diamonds. It can create the illusion of size. Big diamonds are better only when they ace the rest of the Cs too or else the flaws will be visible more easily in them.


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