Diamond Ring Designs That Make Your Stone Look Bigger


Size may not matter for very many things, but when it comes to diamonds, not a single person entering the diamond store finds themselves attracted to a ring with the teeniest stone on it. All eyes fall immediately to the biggest sparkler. If you love your diamonds and want to buy a ring that fits your budget yet exceeds expectations when someone looks at it then you need to be careful with what you shop for.

princess and triangle cut diamond ring

1. Cuts are important but a good shape can make a difference

A well-cut diamond always aces the game. There is no way that a big dull diamond stands a chance before a small diamond that is cut for higher brilliance. Fancy shapes also give you the chance to steer clear of the usual look and discover an unconventionally styled diamond ring.

While round cuts almost always outperform other shapes of diamonds. When you are looking for something that looks bigger, emerald cut diamonds are better. You can also consider marquise, oval and teardrop shaped diamonds which cover your fingers more. You will be trading brilliancy when you look for diamonds of these shapes, but their unique looks can keep things stylish for you.

2. Pick designs that use other smaller diamonds

The halo setting puts smaller diamonds as a halo around the center diamond making it stand out and look bigger. Similarly Pavé setting increases the area covered in diamonds making the main diamond look relatively larger. The use of smaller diamond accents always help a diamond look bigger.

The radiance of the smaller diamonds adds to the overall brilliance of the center diamond and when set prudently it can make the ring look very impressive taking away all doubts of the actual size of the diamond.

diamond ring with smaller diamonds

3. Ring Designs That Use Slimmer Bands

Find rings that have a thinner band or a band that slims towards the stone. Thin bands make stones look bigger while wide bands diminish the size of the diamond. Commonly known as a pinched shank, bands that taper near the stone are a good choice for diamond rings especially when you want to achieve the illusion of a bigger stone.

4. Pick rings with slimmer prongs

Slim prongs cover the stone less and don’t hinder the inherent sparkle of the diamond. Try picking a stone with four prongs rather than six prongs to let more of the stone show. More prongs or thick prongs cover too much of the stone and leave too less to be admired.

solitaire diamond halo ring

5. White metals

If you want your diamond to stand out more then pick a ring design that sets the diamond in white metal instead of yellow or rose gold. White metal gives your diamond a much better look and works well when it comes to making the stone look bigger.

All of these are simple ways of creating an illusion of a bigger stone. They help you pay less and still get more of your money’s worth.

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