Buying Emerald Engagement Rings


Emeralds are symbolic of growth, peace, reflection and balance. These stones come in beautiful hues of green which also represent healing and fertility. It is a remarkably attractive stone which catches the eye easily and makes for a stunning engagement ring. Emeralds can be set with halos or in a simple band that is a part of a stacked ring. It is unique and suitable for women who like rings that match their personality. Here are a few thing that can help you in buying emerald engagement rings.

emerald engagement ring

1. Color

The buying guide for emeralds is less complex than diamonds. Because diamonds require a lot of research to find one with the right sparkle. Emeralds on the other hand are loved for their color. So your focus should be on finding an emerald with the right color and clarity. If you are buying online, stick to websites that offer very high quality images of the ring. It will help you steer clear of stones with flaws.

The color of the emerald is decided from its saturation and tone. Natural emeralds usually have a tone with medium light to medium dark. It is the saturation of the emerald that decides the intensity of its color. They can range from vivid to dull. So remember to look for emeralds that have saturation closer to vivid. Even light toned emeralds with vivid saturation look better than deep tones with dull saturation.

pear cut engagement ring with emerald

2. Treatments

Emeralds go through a number of enhancements to ensure that the stone looks perfect on the ring. While some of these enhancements are good, other are not. Treatments that use oil, resin or wax to heal cracks and give the stone a better appearance; do not harm the stone and are mostly stable. These enhancement will be marked with an E or O.

But if the enhancement involves colored oils then there is a chance that the enhancement is not going to last and it may soon show the true tone and saturation of the emerald. Avoid such enhancements. They are marked with a D.

3. Best Setting and cuts for emerald engagement rings

Round brilliant cut is popular in emerald engagement rings. The popular emerald cut can reduce the overall fire of the stone but with its large table it works as a great way to showcase a big stone. Pear cuts make for sparkly emeralds too.

Both four and six prongs are good for setting emeralds. Since halos are all the rage at this time, you may want to consider setting the emerald with a diamond halo. It can make the ring look unique and charming.

emerald deisgn engagement ring

4. Find a trusted jeweler

Of all other things, knowing that you are buying your ring from a trusted jeweler helps you with peace of mind that the emerald is of good quality. Make sure the jeweler you buy the emerald from is able to provide you with a certificate of authenticity and if you are buying online then you have a generous time for returns.

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