Adding Style to Your Solitaire Engagement Ring

four prong diamond solitaire ring

Solitaires are timeless. They take away distraction and don’t indulge in playful illusions. They are for the woman of substance. It is not about lots of dazzle with too many diamonds on the ring. A solitaire engagement ring stands out as “the one”. It is simple yet elegant and fits well in most lifestyles. Different jewelers may have a different notion of solitaires but the most acceptable definition, the one that we go by, is a ring with one main stone and no other stones around the center stone.
So let’s find out how a solitaire engagement ring can be styled for a unique look.

1. Play with colors

yellow band solitaire rings

A platinum solitaire ring is cliché, but mixed metal rings are gaining traction by the day. You can pick from rings with prongs or bezel of a different color from that of a band. It makes things more interesting. A yellow band looks beautiful since it glitters along with the diamond adding an extra sparkle to the ring.

2. Look for unique prong settings

The four prong setting is most common for diamonds. It helps in allowing the diamond shine out with the least amount of metal covering it on the top. Fewer prongs also reduce the amount of dirt and grit that can be attracted by your ring.

The six prong setting which was introduced by Tiffany’s is the next most popular prong setting for diamonds. The prongs are daintier and the overall look more graceful. It is ideal for round shaped diamonds.

six prong solitaire ring

Split claw rings are pretty too. They are suited for most diamond shapes and they can give your solitaire a near-vintage look.

3. Or ditch the prongs and go for a bezel

Who said prongs can be the only way you set a solitaire? If you want something modern and more sophisticated then let go of the prongs and look for solitaires styled with a bezel around them. The bezel holds the diamond on the ring. When done right, it can take your ring up a notch. Pick a thin bezel that allows for the diamond to sparkle without covering most of its rim. Two tone bezel rings are beautiful too. The key to a solitaire ring with a bezel is to ensure clean workmanship for the diamond to shine uninhibited.

two tone bezel ring

4. Style up the band

With the solitaire stealing the show, most solitaire engagement rings have a plain band. We like the idea of keeping things simple and minimalists love the look, but if you want a little more design to your band, then look for twisted bands, split shanks or diamonds on the band. The idea of a solitaire ring is to keep all the focus on the center stone. So don’t go too loud with the band, it may create a distraction from your main sparkler.

twisted diamond solitaire ring

You can get your solitaire engagement ring custom made for specific design details or you can simply pick one of the many available online. But when you do, make sure it resonates with the personality of the person who will be wearing it.

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