Why women love stacked rings?


Every time I open any of my social media pages, I find people flaunting stacked rings in so many different styles. I love the brilliant mixing of metals, stones and colors that make stacked rings trendy, chic and sometimes timeless. For most part of it, I haven’t seen stacked rings going wrong. You can get funky and let your exuberant personality shine through the display of rings in your fingers or you can stay low and simply stack your wedding band with your engagement ring. But no matter how you do it, you are in acknowledgement on the trend and you know it is cool.

So why do women love stackable rings so much?

Stackable heart ring

1. They allow us to flaunt more

Needless to say, we always need a reason to showcase our proud stash of jewels. This is why stacked rings are a fashion that keeps on returning. It suits all fingers and let’s women and girls play with their collection. There are big stones that can be stacked with smaller, more elegant pieces or you can take rings of three different metals and stack them together for a statement. Mixing and matching works perfectly well for stacked rings and if you have rings of different shapes and styles then you can make your stacks more interesting.

stackable design rings

2. They let us get creative

Stackable rings have the ability to tap into our inner creative souls. This trend sees so much of popularity all over the world because women love getting creative with their jewels. An emerald in the center with rings studded with smaller diamonds on both the ends can be impressive. Or think of pairing two gold rings of similar style to make a bigger statement. Even geometric stacks have an element of fun. Eternity bands can be paired with a big stone or you can put together two eternity rings of two different stones.

stacked design ring

3. They are trending

We love to wear things that are trending. And stacked rings seem to be such a wonderful trend. They help us look fashionable and also allow us to display our jewelry stock. There is no way that trends like these could easily die.

4. Fingers look more awesome with stacked rings

Stacked rings make fingers look even more beautiful. They draw attention to the hands and make women feel good about the way their hands and fingers look. Beautifully adorned fingers look so much more beautiful than bare fingers. And women know that with stacked rings, there is very less that can go wrong.

stackable eternity ring

Stacked fingers offer options to the wearer. The help people bring variety and changeability to their jewelries. Seasonal stuff can be stacked with permanent rings for a new look. If you are feeling a little adventurous, then mix metals and stones. Or if you prefer simplicity yet cannot stay away from the trend then stack your wedding band with your engagement ring or an anniversary ring and you can still stay relevant with your fashion without getting too loud about it.

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