Top 10 Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Rose gold took over everything from jewelry to phones in a short period of time. The color is so striking that it makes complete sense why people love it. Engagement rings are quick to be influenced by new jewelry trends. This is why we’ve scoured the markets for the best engagement rings and here is a list of 10 rings that made it to the top of our list:

1. De Beers Caress in Rose Gold With A Hazelnut Color Diamond

The hazelnut colored diamond is the showstopper in this ring. The magic created by the softly curved lines that caress the center diamond is amazing. The diamond studded curves add a beautiful flow to the ring while the colored diamond in the ring can bring a sparkle to any eye.

rose gold halo ring

2. Ashoka by Boodles

Boodles is known for its creativity when it comes to diamonds. The company has never stopped amazing us with its intricate designs. The Ashoka is a brilliant mix of vintage and modern design featuring a gorgeously cut diamond flanked with smaller round diamonds. Set on rose gold, this ring can easily make a proposal special.

emerald cut rose gold solitaire ring

3. The Promise 18 by De Beers

This one is for those who slant towards bolder looks. The promise 18 is less about feminine grace and more about making a statement. Simple yet elegant, this ring from DeBeers gets a lot of attention from prospective proposers.

round cut rose gold solitaire ring

4. Harmony by Tiffany

The round brilliant cut diamond in the center is beautifully set in a rose gold ring. This diamond doesn’t need smaller stones or intricacies of the metal to make the ring stand out.

tria rose gold ring

5. Oui Ring by Dior

This ring says yes even before you pop the question. The Oui Ring has the words ‘Oui’ embrace a pretty solitaire. It is perfect in proportions and looks. Delicately set in rose gold, the ring is a beautiful piece of jewelry that catches the eyes without using too many stones or lots of intricate patterns.

rose gold solitaire ring

6. Love Ring, Diamond Paved Pink Gold Ring by Cartier

Women who love unconventional designs will definitely find the screw motifs and the neatly set diamonds around the ring to be magnetic. It is a beautiful design for the women of substance.

love ring by cartier

7. Hazeline Solitaire Ring by Anna Sheffield

The brilliance of the old European cut white diamond and the beautiful white diamond accents make this a splendid looking ring. It looks timeless and has a unique charm to it.

hazeline solitaire ring

8. Tiny New Moon Ring by Anna Sheffield

Another remarkable engagement ring by Anna Sheffield that garners a lot of attention is this pretty piece crafted elegantly for women who love the calming aura of the new moon.

tiny new moon ring

9. Raphaele Canot

With a diamond hanging prettily from the rose gold ring, Raphaele Canot makes engagement proposals less uncertain, after all, there are few women who would turn down a person with such taste.

hanging diamond ring

10. Lakshmi Ring by Zoe and Morgan

The star shaped Lakshmi ring looks unique in the manner in which the diamonds are set. They are perfect and while there is no big center stone, the stones together shine brilliantly to make your heart miss a beat.

lakshmi ring


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